• 2019 Fusebox Festival Catalogue Collaborators Image Credit: Adrian Armstrong. The Work (2019).

2019 Fusebox Festival Catalogue Collaborators

The 2019 Fusebox Festival Catalogue features original writing from: Barry Chernoff, Carra Martinez, Carre Adams, Dr. Brenda Dixon Gottschild, Giovanni Aloi, Grant Wahlquist, James Connolly, Kristian Skylstad, Maggie Nelson, Mike Khoury, Onyekwere Ozuzu, Seth Orion Schwaiger, and Shawn Sides.

The catalogue also features original artworks from: Adrian Armstrong, Cristina Coro, Lauren Moya Ford, Luke Painter, and Simone Thornton.

The catalogue is designed by Adrian Aguilera.
The catalogue was edited by Anna Gallagher-Ross and Betelhem Makonnen.

Pick yours up at the Fusebox Festival Hub, various locations throughout the festival, or online at schedule.fuseboxfestival.com