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Part choral narrative, part group fabulation, NEXT YEAR PEOPLE follows three people as they build a life together on an abandoned island in the Azores. Grappling with the ecstacy, ugliness, and awkward intimacy of collaboration, NEXT YEAR PEOPLE irreverently charts the making and unmaking of a new society: an interrogation of a new mode of communal living and the practice of creation itself. Created by writer/performers Katie Bender, Rachel Mars, and Gab Reisman with director Caitlin Sullivan NEXT YEAR PEOPLE began in the noxious aftershocks of the utter shitstorm of 2016. Where do you go when you find where you live is nothing like what you wilfully hoped? What does it actually mean to start again? Who says you’d do it any better? How can you balance alliance, ambition and pleasure? Jumping between commonplace conversation and choral edict, between moments of physical danger and unembarrassed sensuousness, NEXT YEAR PEOPLE opens a crack into possibility – the radical hopefulness of a fly-by-night, parallel existence.

Creative Team
Writer/Performers:Katie Bender, Rachel Mars, Gab Reisman
Director: Caitlin Sullivan
Lighting Design: Isabella Byrd
Sound Design: Peter Stopschinski

From Fusebox
For Bender / Mars / Reisman, utopia isn’t a destination, it’s a process. Their artistic process called NEXT YEAR PEOPLE began last year in a workshop at Fusebox, and will now have its premiere at the 2019 festival. The piece is an artistic microcosm for coming to terms with difference: Rachel, a live artist, hates plays, while Katie and Gabi are trained playwrights. Everyone speaks a different artistic language, but they’re stuck on an island together. Exploring systems of support—whether friendship, co-creatorship, family, or funding—as well as the real emotional labor of making art and being together, NEXT YEAR PEOPLE stages utopia as a messy and wonderful adventure.

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