• Work by Miguel Angel Salazar

Artist-in-Residence: Miguel Angel Salazar

  • when: Studio Hours: Wed 18 @ 5-8PM, Thurs 19 @ 5-8PM, Fri 20 @ 2-5PM, Sat 21 @ 2-4PM, 5-9PM, Sun 22 @ 3-5PM, Artist Talk: Thurs 19 @ 4:30-6PM, April 2018
  • where: The Museum of Human Achievement Studio (West Entrance) > Canopy, 916 Springdale Rd, 78702
  • Presented in partnership with Unlisted Projects and The Museum of Human Achievement.

This is a free event. Reservations not required.

Based in Mexico City, Miguel Angel Salazar, AKA Wimpy, will be in residence as part of the Unlisted Projects program at the Museum of Human Achievement throughout the month of April. During Fusebox he will open his studio to festival-goers and also participate in a conversation with curator Leslie Moody Castro on Thurs 19 @ 4:30 PM at The Museum of Human Achievement Studio. 

From Fusebox
Miguel Angel Salazar is a digital sculptor and archeologist. Using digital technology, he has resurrected the cenotaph of King Uthal, destroyed by an ISIS attack on the Mosul Museum in Iraq. But instead of recreating the seamless whole, he left it in fragments, thus re-enacting its destruction. This work, among others, comes to stand in for the widespread destruction of cultural artifacts as well as the artist’s ability to remake and restage history. Salazar also excavates our digital, networked present, and the ways algorithms and interfaces structure our daily lives, whether by engraving Google Image searches onto a sculpture of Alfred Lord Tennyson or by layering past, present, and future via multiple cell phone screens.

Unlisted Projects cultivates & facilitates interdisciplinary meeting points for visiting national/International artists amid a local landscape. We catalyze & nurture connections between visiting artists & the Austin arts ecosystem. The program provides studio/living space & working stipend, ensuring that each artist’s experience is productive & comfortable. Each residency period culminates in a public presentation of new work. Our program’s mission is to support, sustain, accelerate & grow interdisciplinary collaboration between Austin & national/international artists.




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