• when: Wed 18 & Thurs 19 @ 5-8pm, Fri 20 @ 2-5pm, Sat 21 @ 2-9pm, Sun 22 @ 2-5pm, April 2018 (2 people every 15 mins)
  • where: The Museum of Human Achievement Studio (West Entrance) > 3600 Lyons Rd
  • Presented in partnership with The Museum of Human Achievement
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C0MPUTER P$YENT0L0GY is a 6-step audit system to free the modern technoself from the current limits of consciousness. Participants advance through each step of the audit via a private viewing of virtual reality, net.art and other time-based media stations designed and commissioned by high level Computer P$yentologists. Each step will weed out potential trouble sources on the path to becoming an optimal virtual being and developing a healthy relationship with the impending singularity.

From Fusebox
We live in an age where the technologies we use, also use us. Bless Computer P$yentology for taking tech back, in the name of art. Hang out IRL and encounter art and tech that makes you feel that maybe it’s not the end of the world, and maybe this is a cult worth joining.




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