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Estado Vegetal (Vegetative State)

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Vegetative State is a polyphonic, branching, exuberant, reiterative, divisible and sessile monologue. Its protagonist is a woman, who is not an individual; she is a multitude, a swarm. This is not an animal play, it is a vegetable play. Based on the revolutionary thinking of plant philosopher Michael Marder and plant neurobiologist Stefano Mancuso, the exploration consists of probing the ways in which new concepts such as plant intelligence, vegetative soul, or plant communication can transform our creative practice. If we accept that plants have other ways of thinking, feeling, communicating, other ways of being intelligent, a different form of consciousness and another notion of time, perhaps we can see our own notions of thinking, feeling, communicating and being aware, transformed. In Michael Marder’s words, “recognizing a “valid “other” in plants is also beginning to recognize that vegetal other within us.” Vegetable State dances tirelessly around an impossible dialogue, that of humans and plants. A failed dialogue with nature that is, perhaps, our most innate monologue.

Creative Team
Director: Manuela Infante
Playwright: Manuela Infante y Marcela Salinas
Cast: Marcela Salinas
Design: Rocío Hernández
Design and props construction: Ignacia Pizarro
Producer: Carmina Infante
Translation: Bruce Gibbons, Alex Ripp y British Council Chile
Technical Assistant and Surtitles: Alex Waghorn
Co Producers: NAVE and Fundación Teatro a Mil

From Fusebox
In Chilean artist Manuela Infante’s Estado Vegetal, a work both comic and deeply serious, Marcela Salinas plays a chorus of characters with the aid of a loop pedal, and unfurls a series of stories stemming from a tragic incident involving a tree. Rooted in an exploration of plant-life, this work reminds us that we are not the only complex beings on earth, that our lives are deeply entwined with non-sentient beings. We have much to learn from them about consciousness, intelligence, and temporality.

Proyecto financiado por Ventanilla Abierta, Convocatoria 2019

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