• Total Unicorn. Image by Stephen Fishman.

Fusebox Festival 2018 Hub

  • when: Wed 18, Thurs 19, Fri 20, Sat 21 @ 9:30 - Late, April 2018
  • where: Fusebox Festival Hub > 1500 E 4TH ST
  • The Fusebox Festival Hub is made possible with the support of Native Hostel

This is a free event. Reservations go live March 26.

Every day of our festival, our programming roams across our city inviting audiences to explore an interconnected map of unique live experiences. Starting at 10 PM each night, the movement and energy of the festival becomes concentrated in one place: our hub. Think of the Fusebox Festival Hub as the magma center of the festival, the molten form of our transitory ve-day landscape that burns brightly against the night sky.

Each night our hub features a blazing line-up of performances and culinary delights, and is the perfect way for festival-goers to cap off the day. The hub operates on the gravitational forces of encounter — meet up with friends, make new friends, connect with the artists, dance, witness mind-melting performances, enjoy delicious drinks at the bar and mouth-watering treats from local food trucks, share show feels, converse, or just chill outside in our festival beer garden.


Hub Art Installations
animation by Stephen Hal Fishman
software by Noah Wight

The Hub Barn comes alive with its stately, red dermis, like an engorged artery, presided over by the flickering Lords of Fusebox. These cultural olympians play at life, mimicking the mortals below. The luck that they bring, the poetry they inspire, and the behavior they model filter the air, and mingle nice dreams with light beams.

Minicorn Uniplaza
Stephen Hal Fishman
wood, plaster, paint, found objects, animated and live-action video,
custom software, circuitry, servo motors, 3D-printed and laser cut housing for controller
programming (Touch Designer and Arduino) by Noah Wight

A performance fantasy come true, in miniature. With space and resources for making work becoming scarce, this installation stages an intimate live performance experience, existing entirely within a scale model of an idealized performance of the Total Unicorn trio. The audience member/user now has control over various aspects of the experience, with the ability to affect the order of the pieces performed, the intensity of the lights, volume and the movement of the crowd. Within this imagined universe, everything is correct, and we are exuberant, finally satisfying both our own expectations, and those of the audience.


Night 1 / Wednesday April 18, 2018

10:00 PM
Stephen Fishman, Lyman Hardy III & Lindsey Taylor

Total Unicorn is a sovereign, multi-disciplinary performance group, with fingers. It was forged in the heat of a Texas summer by specialists in the fields of music, animation and dance. Addressing the poop culture blender, ctrl-alt-del politics, experimental craft veneer, d-pad science, arpeggiated cuisine, quarky jerks, ecstatic ambivalence, it never fit, and never will fit, like an aspirational pair of pants.

Night 2 / Thursday April 19, 2018

10:00 PM

Bridget Moser

This Poem Does Not Help Me at All is a collection of short works that span prop comedy, experimental theatre, performance art, absurd literature, existential anxiety and intuitive dance. Seemingly improvised but in fact carefully scripted, these hybrid works feature bizarre interactions with everyday inanimate objects, abstract body movements, and absurd monologues. Moving between states of criticality, humor, and emotion, the resulting performance is at times entertaining, disarming, joyous, and bewildering.

11:00 PM

Lana Lesley and Peter Stopschinski

Grageriart is a band, a store, an idea, and a collabo-ration. It is at its best a sonic exploration of our love of mindless consumption, home shopping catalogues, and desperation. At its worst, it is stupid fun. We want what you have. #shop

Night 3 / Friday April 20, 2018


9:30 PM – 2:00 AM
Join us on 4/20 for a night of love, puppets, speed dating, video games, virtual reality dream cycles, in nite gravity bongs, planet earth, take me to your dealer alien blacklight posters, double rainbows, DIY bong crafting and performance.

The evening features a dazzling array of artists including: Kuniklo, Justin Shoulder, Ben Aqua, Delish Da Goddess, Mouthfeel, Erica Nix, Thor Harris, Jools McKnuckles, Olivia Warmer,  Juegos Rancheros, Rachel Simone Weil, Flatsitter, IRL, Cages, Lizette Flores, David Mitchell, Eyethink, Hannah Holzwarth, The Mall, Mugger, and The KIND BUDz.  

Night 4 / Saturday April 21, 2018

Anna Wise + SassyBlack + Dot + Linafornia + vhvl + FreshtillDef

A showcase highlighting some of the most creative and in influential women in electronic music from across the country.

Anna Wise, Brooklyn
SassyBlack, Seattle
DOT, Los Angeles
vhvl, Harlem
FreshtillDef, San Antonio

Exploded Drawing is an organization based in Austin, TX, whose aim is to elevate the Texan electronic music community by encouraging creativity and conversation among artists and listeners. For over seven years ED has hosted performances from over 300 artists from all over the world.

#bossbabesATX (#bbatx) is an online and of ine space for women-identifying and nonbinary creatives, entrepreneurs and community organizers. Through our event series, showcases, strategic collaborations and professional development programs, we build educated, empowered and more equal creative communities.

The Fusebox Festival Hub is made possible with the support of Native Hostel

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