• Detail of artwork by Raquel Bell

Fusebox Festival Catalogue

We typically think of performance as ephemeral and festivals as moments outside of ordinary time that ignite and then vanish like a flame. But what if the festival was less like a flame and more like a rock? In a talk called “Lithic Liveness,” Rebecca Schneider invites us to think about rocks as alive, etched with all the interactions and events they encounter throughout their existence. The rock, Schneider says, performs across time, all of its markings accumulated over history calling to us in the present. The rock is at once solid and at the same time a record of all that is fleeting.

Inspired by geological cross-sections of rock that contain diverse strata, we thought it would be fun to imagine the substance and structure of the 2018 festival as a kind of fantastic geology. If we took a core-sample from the various artistic projects that intermingle, shift, and converge over the five days of the festival, what would that look like? What could we learn from these surprising new geological layers that inform, emerge, and reform one another?

In this “New Geology,” time becomes multi-directional and epochs collide in a spectacular fashion. The artists at the center of it all help us reexamine the past, contend with its effects on the the present, and call forth impossible futures.

This year we’ve created an extra special addition to our festival: a catalogue that collects, anticipates, and activates the fantastic experiences and happenings of Fusebox 2018.

Inside you’ll find commissioned essays and interviews, artworks, and creative writing; archival imagery; recipes, and profiles of all the featured works. This is a map, a primer, a register, an objet d’art.

Take the festival home with you.

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