• Image by Jenny Berger Myhre


  • when: Thur April 18 @ 9pm, Fri April 19 @ 7pm, Sat April 20 @ 7pm, Sun April 21 @ 4pm (60 min)
  • where: Blue Genie Art Bazaar > 6100 Airport Blvd
  • Verdensteatret
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In their new production HANNAH Verdensteatret is exploring ideas about geological time and attention fatigue used as an observatory. As a starting point Verdensteatret went on a research journey to the Mekong Delta in Vietnam in November 2016, the same destination as they had 10 years ago. With this research the artist collective has, for the first time, chosen to repeat a journey and gather material from somewhere they have already been. HANNAH is an elaborate spatial composition that provokes a state of absorption in an immersive audio-visual space. Inspired by the gradual unfolding of geological time, the material acts as a kind of sedimentation process, drawing attention to gentle transformations and how physical objects slowly affect their surroundings. From a human perspective the material unfolds from fixed attention towards exhaustion – in the act of observing slow changes. A production from Verdensteatret is a glimpse of the present, a state of transitions and passages through phenomenons. The present is a memory in motion. At the same time, there has never been so much past as right now.

Creative Team
By and with:
Asle Nilsen
Piotr Pajchel
Eirik Arthur Blekesaune
Torgrim Torve
Niklas Adam
Janne Kruse
Ali Djabbary
Martin Taxt
Elisabeth Carmen Gmeiner
HC Gilje
Magnus Bugge
Laurent Ravot

Thanks to: Espen Sommer Eide, Sofia Jernberg, Magnie Finnsdatter Nilsen

From Fusebox
Get lost in the visual, spatial, and aural composition that is HANNAH, which blurs the boundaries between subjects and objects, memory and repetition, theater and installation. Created by Norwegian collective Verdensteatret, the piece translates a voyage to the Mekong Delta—or rather, a return voyage, visiting the same location after ten years’ absence—into an abstract, scrolling landscape onstage. Mechanical objects do the performing, with humans playing a supporting role, demonstrating the primacy of the nonhuman world and the scale of epochal time.

There will be a reception following the Friday 7PM evening performance of HANNAH, sponsored by Performing Arts Hub Norway and Consulate General in Houston. All are welcome.

Presented in association with FuturePerfect Creative Studio, NYC



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