• Image by Olivia Siegel

I have faith in nights.

This is a free event. Reservations go live March 26.

Walking, weaving, and the movement of light act as an almost invisible ritual tracking time. We invite those that happen upon our experience of feeding what is forgotten, to join us in slowing down and to consider the mysterious. Together we will recognize the unseen is where magic resides; with our full bodies and quiet attention, we will cast our collective spell.

April Camlin
Anastatia Spicer
Channing Showalter
Darci Whyte
Keegan VanGorder
Noelle Guetti

Bana Haffar

From Fusebox
Living and working in Appalachia, Jessica Green and her community of weavers not only work their craft in the studio, they also bring their looms into nature, and weave the natural patterns of the landscape. For Fusebox Festival, Green and a group of weavers will be fabricating a witchy ritual in which they weave the sunrise and sunset at Laguna Gloria.





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