• Image by Sean Ripple

Lossy Process

This is a free event. Reservations not required.

Lossy Process is an exhibition that features approximately two hundred six-second video collages that have been created over the course of three years using mobile app video editing suites. These video collages, which were originally created to be streamed on social media sites, will undergo a transcoding of sorts in IRL viewing space through a simple act of recontextualization. In addition to the collages, there will be a number of recently completed video essays by the artist and a series of performances that are intended to function like advertising for video content on display.

Creative Team:
Co-Lab Projects

From Fusebox
Artist Sean Ripple calls himself a filmmaker, but one might also think of him as a director of subversive commercials: his playful media collages are imbued with the language of advertising and late-capitalism. Typically, Ripple’s studio is his Instagram account and his audience are his followers. On the occasion of his exhibition, he is uploading these videos to walls of the gallery, and to accompany these video works, Ripple will be performing as well.




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