Museum of Pocket Art

This is a free event. Reservations not required.

The Museum of Pocket Art began fifteen years ago with an idea that everyone should carry with them a small artwork in a pocket to enrich their day and share with others. MoPA developed this idea and organized it into a formal venue for contemporary artists and patrons. MoPA introduces artwork from contemporary artists in an intimate and personal way. The Museum displays works of art created to fit in the pocket, usually around the size of a business card, in galleries selected to best frame the work, which range from wallets to mobile devices. MoPA shows at the opening of other art exhibits, or “leaches” the reception. At the reception, a MoPA representative approaches people individually and asks if he or she would like to visit the museum, and then shares the works on display. Currently MoPA hosts two shows a year.

For Fusebox, the featured MoPA artist will be Justin Favela.

From Fusebox
Roberto Harrington Jackson is the founder and director of MoPA, the travelling museum that fits snugly into one’s pocket and exhibits large ideas in a small format. The museum (and Robert) pops up at art events where an unexpecting crowd has already gathered, and shows off miniature exhibitions featuring artists from across the US and Mexico. This accessible and portable art platform will be popping up all over Fusebox. Make sure you pay a visit to MoPA—or watch for it paying a visit to you.





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