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Not Every Mountain

  • when: Wed April 17, Thur April 18, Fri April 19, Sat April 20 @ 7pm (70 mins)
  • where: Motion Media Arts Center > 2200 Tillery St
  • Rude Mechs
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Not Every Mountain is running for one week after Fusebox, April 24-28.
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Not Every Mountain is a mellow meditation on change, permanence and our place in the natural world. It is a presentation of the life cycle of mountains and the processes by which they are born and eventually laid to rest, an invocation of tectonic force and geologic time.

Creative Team:
Co-Directing: Shawn Sides and Thomas Graves
Writing: Kirk Lynn
Sound and Music: Peter Stopschinski
Lights: Brian Scott
Set Design: Thomas Graves
Costumes: Aaron Flynn
Technical Director: Pete Dahlberg
Performers: Kelsey Oliver, Eva Claycomb, Aexandra Bassiakou Shaw, Kevin Jacaman, Mari Akita, Thomas Graves, Kirk Lynn
Crew: Tyler Kosmak, Vincent Tomasino

From Fusebox
Using a string, cardboard and magnets,
Not Every Mountain invites us to watch the collective effort of making and unmaking a series of interlocking mountain ranges. We watch minutes, or perhaps centuries, unfold, as mountains rise and fall, clouds dance, birds alight and depart, and a moon delicately hangs overhead. Not Every Mountain is a joyous and poignant meditation on the fleetingness of time and the many lives of rocks, underscored by a poetic recitation–or perhaps a spiritual incantation.





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