• Image by Aron Taylor

Quick D.R.A.W. (Dialogue, Ruminate, Archive, Witness)

  • when: Thurs April 18, Friday April 19 @ 9pm-12am, Sat April 20 @ 4pm - 6pm
  • where: Fusebox Festival Hub > 1300 E. 5th St
  • Aron Taylor

This is a free event. Reservations go live March 26.

This short, interactive performance consists of a brief, entertaining dialogue with festival attendees in which they recount a fond memory from the Fusebox Festival (current or a past). During this dialogue, the interviewer will quickly sketch a visual representation of the memory. A carbon copy of the sketch will be kept for the festival archive and the original will be given as a memento to the guest.

Creative Team:
Created and performed by: Aron Taylor
Project conceived of by: Anna Gallagher-Ross and Betelhem Makonnen

From Fusebox
Aron Taylor is known for his famous Quick Draw Photo booth, where he plays captivating characters, tells outlandish stories and jokes, all while he quickly “develops” your photo into a unique hand-made drawing. On the occasion of Fusebox’s 15th anniversary, Aron has designed a performative archiving process during which he will transform your favorite Fusebox performances and experiences from the past 15 years into drawings on carbon paper, leaving one for you and one for the Fusebox archive. A fleeting document of performance and of memory, these mementos are also works of art themselves. Catch him during Salsa Social: The First Block Party.

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