• Image by Krystal Ramirez


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  • /ˈkjubole/, [ˈkjuβole] (Like “Cue-Bow-leh”)


  1. (colloquial) (greeting) (Andes) (Central America) (Mexico)
  2. What’s up? (colloquial) ¿Quihúbole? ¿Cómo vas? – Bien, Paul. ¿Cómo andas tú? What’s up? How are you? – I’m well, Paul. How are you?

The term “porous borders” made me think about the imaginary borders that separate my family and friends living in Latin America and how even though we are separated geographically, we still manage to stay in touch and communicate better than ever thanks to the internet. Through the technology of messaging apps I receive texts and photos from my loved ones everyday keeping me up to date on their lives and sustaining relationships that might have been non-existent if that correspondence was not possible. In this installation I want to take images sent to me from my family and friends and collage them into an abstract piñata landscape that will surround “The Hub” at Fusebox Festival, creating a festive mural that celebrates human connection.

From Fusebox
Las Vegas-based visual artist Justin Favela has made piñata a verb. Reclaiming and repurposing the aesthetic and materials of the piñata, a reference to his Mexican and Guatemalan roots, Favela “piñatas” objects and even entire spaces. The layering of delicate, colorful strips of paper transforms cars and buildings into a heightened, cartoonish version of reality, animating them in a new way. You’ll be able to see Favela’s work in both small and large scale during Fusebox 2019. The new miniature works can be found within the folds of Museum of Pocket Art, curated and carried by Roberto Jackson Harrington around the festival. The larger work is an ambitious piñataing of the Fusebox Hub.


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