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This is a free event. Reservations go live March 26.

Riding With… is a hybrid art and archiving project–a performance that stages the archive and offers it to future festivals and performance history.

As friends and sometime-employees of Fusebox, we found ourselves driving artists, curators, and colleagues between events during the 2016 festival, and it was those ten or fifteen minute conversations in the car with folks that were some of the most memorable of the festival. It turns out driving around strangers and talking about art is really fun! So, for the 2017 festival,  we decided to team up and record our conversations while giving free rides. This year, we’re back at it, and we’ll be engaging passengers in interviews enroute to and from Fusebox events in a minivan equipped with audio and visual recording equipment. The conversations will document each day’s events – inevitably a mix of performance events, multi-media happenings, social and culinary events, and spontaneous rendezvous. Stay tuned to Fusebox’s Facebook page during the festival for daily live videos, and after the festival we’ll produce a special episode of Written & Spoken featuring a curated selection of our favorite Riding With… moments.

From Fusebox
At a festival brimming with performances, exhibitions, and events, the in between time of meeting people, grabbing a bite to eat, discovering a new part of the city, and travelling from venue to venue can be where some of the most meaningful conversations happen. Riding With… embraces these unscheduled moments, and the great discussions and chance encounters that arise out of the live festival situation. While riding with Christine Gwillim and Jeff Mills, festival goers, curators, and artists have the opportunity to discuss what’s on their mind and what they’ve experienced. Riding With…, which takes place over the course of the 2018 Fusebox Festival, will produce a series of recorded conversations that contribute to an ever-growing archive of Fusebox festival that can be listened to worldwide on our new platform Written & Spoken.

To secure a seat in the Riding With… van please check back in late March to reserve tickets.

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