• Image by Steve Wrubel

Fusebox Kickoff Party: The Color Condition's Sadie Hawkins

This is a free event. Reservations not required.

The ladies of The Color Condition would like to formally invite you to the first annual Sadie Hawkins Dance. An installation and performance piece; combination community project & social experiment fully activated by the audience. The Sadie Hawkins dance started in 1937, based jokingly on a cartoon about a homely girl in search a dance parter, in hindsight really became a progressive encouragement for women to ask for what they want and not just wait for it to walk their way. Inspired by that pursuit to actively create connection and what we have experienced with our work over the years; we want to create a space that engages the community/audience in a playful, celebratory, and intentional way. This will be the dance party of dance parties! Come and dawn a costume! Dresses, hats, capes, vests… put on a little put on a lot, choice is yours. Come shift into a lighter more child like state, with a different perspective and freedom to explore and engage with others, & dance!

From Fusebox
Some of you might remember attending a Sadie Hawkins dance at school where the girls asked the guys to dance. But even flipped on its head, the gender binary is still an oppressive force. The Dallas/Austin-based textile artists The Color Condition are throwing gendered traditions out the window, and asking everyone and anyone to take part in their version of the Sadie Hawkins. Pick up a custom-designed costume filled with color, and let it be your partner in a new form of dance.


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