• Image by Olivia Warner


  • when: Fri April 19 @ 11pm
  • where: Fusebox Festival Hub > 1300 E. 5th St
  • Presented in partnership with Museum of Human Achievement

This is a free event. Reservations go live March 26.

KUNIKLO’S SEZ ONO, an intersectional criminal identity performance disguised as a fashion show.

SEZ ONO is a fashion experience from the perspective of a bathroom line. Kuniklo’s wearable sculptures crawl, slide and tumble down the catwalk showcasing their transhumanistic inspired seasonal lines. Don’t miss this consumerist mockery of a mutant runway extravaganza filled with post-apocalyptic Latinx ritual magic, permanent body modification and BDSM performed by sassy alien queers. You wont believe its legal.

Creative Team:
Fashion by Who Sanabria, Lu Sanabria, Diego Mireles Duran, Olivia Warmer Set design Cheraya Esters Music by Sebastian Turner.

From Fusebox
KUNIKLO is an artist collective working in music, theater, costume, painting, video, sculpture and dance. KUNIKLO is a Puerto Rico – Texas – California based collective comprised of Olivia Warner, Jose Luis Sanabria and Luis Gabriel ,Diego Mireles Duran, Chereya Esters, Sanabria and Sebastian Turner. Their fertile and undomesticated practice explores and creates rituals in conversation with nature, culture, and philosophical theory. With SEZ ONO, they offer us a fashion experience inspired by post-apocalyptic trans-humanistic seasonal lines, queer alien BDSM, and bathroom lines. You can expect nothing but the unexpected.

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