This year we want to be more informed, transparent, and intentional about the environmental impact of our festival, but also put into words the steps we’ve already taken, and will continue to take to green our festival. We’re committed to making The Fusebox Festival a sustainable event by minimizing waste, lowering our carbon footprint, supporting the local economy, and creating sustainable practices at our festival. We’re grateful to have partnered with Austin Resource Recovery who have advised us during this process.


  • Reducing Paper Waste. Eliminating paper programs in favor of digital, and using email and paperless communications wherever possible in lieu of printed or mailed materials.
  • Collaborating with local chefs and food vendors to serve a Sustainable Menu at our venues.
  • Utilizing Eco-Friendly Material. Vendors at the hub are using compostable cutlery during meals and substituting glass and aluminum for plastic ware.
    Supporting our Economy. Sourcing from locally-owned small and mid-sized operations.
  • Greening our Transport. Providing low-emissions travel options during our festival, such as partnering with Austin Yellow Bike Project and Ghisallo.
  • Now in our second year, we are providing FREE bike rides to our out of town guests, including artists and crew.


  • Entirely compostable or recyclable materials will be used at every food and drink location.
    Recycling bins available at every venue, as well as compost stations at food serving areas.
  • Launching a “Plastic Free Festival” initiative – encouraging our audiences to bring their own water bottle, because we’ll be providing cool, filtered water filling stations at all our venues.
  • Ghisallo will be hosting group rides to and from venues during the festival.
  • Forming a partnership with Austin Scenic Co-op to donate sets and other materials from our festival events.
  • Working more with Keep Austin Fed to ensure that our surplus food is directed to those who need it.


  • Transport is a huge source of carbon emissions. Take the low-emission route to and from the festival. Carpool (use Uber Pool), bike, walk, or take public transportation. Take a group ride with Ghisallo, who will be hosting group rides to and from venues during the festival. (See our Getting Around page for details.)
  • Bring your water bottle! We encourage our attendees to bring their own empty refillable water bottles.