Tickets & Reservations

The 2019 festival is completely free to attend, but to help plan your festival experience, reservations to most performances and events will be available. A small percentage of tickets for each event will be available at the door for walk-ups.

Advance reservations to most festival events are open to the general public and can be accessed from each event page within the festival lineup.

The process for 2018 is similar to previous years, but we have made some adjustments to simplify the process.

You will NOT need to register or log-in to make free reservations to Fusebox events. Simple.

Advance reservations can be made directly in the Fusebox Festival website. Reservations are highly recommended, but not required, there will always be a few tickets available to each event for walk-ups.

Fusebox wants to build a culture of respect around a free festival, because, in fact, the work we are presenting is anything but free. A broad community of your peers, foundations, governments, and businesses have pulled together to make the art and artists participating accessible to all audiences without charge, and so we are asking audiences to respect this community-wide effort and simply let us know if you can’t attend.

If you have a reservation, and will not be able to make a performance for whatever reason, just let us know at least two hours before the show. You can call us (512.572.1372), text us (512.572.1372), email us (; we will thank you profusely and offer your ticket to another member of the community. That’s Respecting the Reservation.

phone/text 512.572.1372

Accessibility Information

Fusebox Festival takes place all over the city in traditional and non-traditional venues, galleries, theaters, cafes, and more. The vast majority of festival sites have handicapped parking and are wheelchair accessible. If you have questions about the accessibility of a specific venue/location, please contact the box office for information: 512-572-1372 or

Reservation Changes or Cancellations

Just email the Fusebox Festival Box Office or call us at 512.572.1372 for help with changes and/or cancellations.